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About Us

McCarthy Merchant Capital (MMC) is a consultancy that specializes in helping businesses and business owners secure loans. McCarthy Merchant Capital (MMC) was formed in 2020 to help businesses seeking additional debt capital connect with the best lender in terms of both approval and cost.


MMC represents 30 years of the founder’s relationships with hundreds, if not thousands of lenders, all with different requirements governing their lending decisions.  By understanding our borrowers needs, we can facilitate relationships with lenders who will best meet the borrower’s financial goals.


Using MMC can help a corporate borrower save time, and can usually help the borrower find a lender with lower interest rate. Especially when the borrower is a business owner, time saving makes the use of consulting firm MMC a more efficient and beneficial process.



The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal government agency that plays a crucial role in supporting and assisting small businesses in the United States. One of its key functions is to facilitate access to financing for small businesses through loan guarantee programs. The SBA does not directly lend money; instead, it provides guarantees to loans made by private lenders, such as banks.


Private non-bank lenders refer to financial institutions or entities that provide loans and financial services outside the traditional banking system. These lenders operate independently of banks and may offer a variety of loan products to individuals, businesses, and investors. Private non-bank lenders include peer-to-peer lenders, online lenders, private mortgage lenders, hard money lenders, family offices, and high net-worth lenders.



As part of 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act, Congress supersized the Energy Department’s authority to arrange loans to companies trying to bring emerging energy technologies to market, increasing it tenfold from $40 billion to more than $400 billion. That makes it potentially one of the biggest economic development loan programs in United States history.

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